Friday, March 13, 2015

March 2015 Update

Baby Girl Roberts coming in August 2015

For those who have missed the news, we are expecting another child at the end of August. We are excited to see our family grow and ask for your prayers for a smooth pregnancy and delivery. We are planning to return in early June to Argentina and the baby would be born in Tucumán in late August.

Recent Church Presentations
We are close to finishing up our visits with church partners here in the US. Recently we have had the privilege of speaking about our ministry at our two home churches here in Denver, CO. We had a great time at both Faith Mountain and The Rock. It was a great blessing to share stories from Argentina with these church families that have been a big part of our time in Colorado. Sharing about these ministries also increased our excitement about our return. To listen to David preach click here.

Progress towards Financial Goals
We are getting closer to our financial goals and are still hopeful that we can achieve them by June in order to return to Argentina on schedule. We are approximately $200/mo short of our goal. Our budget has been in flux because of inflation, the new baby, and other unexpected increases. We have been very blessed by new ministry partners and increased giving by others from our support team. Thank you so much for your generosity! Please contact us if you want to help us return to Argentina or just want to know more about our ministry there. OR click here to give a one time or monthly gift.

Prayer Requests
1. For over 2 weeks there has been flooding all over Argentina and our province of Tucuman. Over 9 bridges have collapsed and dozens of families have had to be evacuated just in Tucuman. See more pictures here: OR Please pray for the many families that are left with no home or belongings. Pray that the body of Christ in Argentina comes together to meet the physical and spiritual needs of these families. Please pray that the government can get more emergency plans in place as more rain is forecasted for this weekend.

2. Pray for our transition. Closing up shop here and opening up shop there always has a lot of details. Pray for wisdom, strength, and peace as we transition. Also please pray for Zane and Isabel as we travel and change our rhythm of life drastically again. Transition also includes goodbyes. Please pray over our goodbyes as they are NEVER easy.

3. Please pray for Beth and the pregnancy. We praise God for this precious life inside of Beth. However, she has been suffering from massive tension headaches for the last 8 weeks. The pregnancy is looking great, but it is taking a toll on Beth. Also because we are planning on delivering in Argentina, Beth will be having another Cesarean section. It is NOT our first choice but we trust God and HIS timing. Please pray with us during the time of delivery and recovery.

4. Lastly, please pray that we raise all the funds that we need to be fully supported by the end of May. We have been so blessed in this area and praise God for all of the faithful families and churches that are on our ministry team.

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